Jang Geun Seok Steady Singing

You’re Beautiful star has recently debuted in April 2011 and then singing. Japan is a country that chose to debut his new career.

“The record label, Pony Canon in Japan, many gave me confidence to be creative. They accepted my ideas menggenai how I wanted to make music, “says the singer of this Let Me Cry.

The 23-year-old guy, steady sing for two reasons. First, Geun Seok received support from many fans who asked him to sing. Secondly, Geun Seok want to try a new world. “Singing is a new thing for me. I hope to be successful in this new world, ‘told you.

After singing, Geun Seok so know what the difference between singing and acting for himself. “We stood on stage to sing, the audience can see if it was me the truth. Meanwhile, when acting in front of the camera, it is not myself, but the character I played, “said the guy who has been acting since high school.


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