5 lungs of the world

Rain forest is the forest that have high rainfall. That is, it rained almost throughout the year in this forest. The rain forest is the most precious treasure for our earth. The reason is, 28% of the change process carbon dioxide back into oxygen, originating from this forest. See-saw and the guard continued to yuk fifth largest rainforest in the world!

Amazon Forest
No wonder the Amazon forest is one of the largest forest in the world. Just imagine, at least 40% of the South American continent is the Amazon jungle. Cool again, not only very wide, the forest is also filled with a variety of ecosystems and flora and fauna is very varied. Forest types were also varied. Starting from the savannah habitat, rain forest, until hutam season. There are approximately 50 million species of plants and animals that live in this forest.

Kinabalu National Park
Located in neighboring countries, Malaysia, forests on Mount Kinabalu this is a paradise of plants and animals. In this forest, there are 4500 species of plants, 290 species of butterflies and 289 species of birds that live peacefully in it. No wonder that this gigantic park to be one of favorite tourist destinations.

Sapo National Park
Forest located in the country of Liberia is not only big, but also unique. Because the forest is still untouched, including forest and a little humid. Species that exist in these forests is also odd, such as meat-eaters mikoorganisme. Hence, this forest is not recommended as a place of recreation and we are required to report the same authorities before visiting.

Alaska Forest
Being in North America, forests of Alaska also has its own uniqueness. In addition to the cooler temperatures, plants that exist here also includes unique. Starting from the hemlock tree (hemlock), cedar trees, wild flowers, berries and other plant species can be found here. With a cool scene, this place is perfect for nature lovers.

Daintree Forest in Australia it turned out, including tropical forests as well. No wonder that many animals and plants are welcome to stay in this forest. 30% of frog species and 65% of species of butterflies and bats and 18% of the world’s bird species can be found here. Not to mention, 12,000 bird species really comfortable hanging out in the woods.


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