One of the good things of living in indonesia is its snacks. their many kinds and variety in taster are a treat for our taste buds. But besides these, their different shapes and colors are a real feast four our eyes. Here are the five most famous snack you can find in indonesia.

1. Kue Lapis
There are several kinds of this layered snack. In some parts of indonesia it’s made of flour and milk, or rice flour and coconut milk, while in other parts it’s made of tapioca and coconut milk. They are all sililar : colorful, sticky, and sweet. The best way of enjoying this kind of snack is eating it layer by layer. Mmmm…delicioous!

2. Fried Snack

Wherever you go, there are vendors selling gorengan. The salty kind has many varieties : fried tofu, tempeh, cassava, breadfruit, and vegetables. The sweet kind’s main variety is fried banana. In some parts of indonesia, you can also find fried pineapple, cassava, and jackfruit.

3. Lontong
For some people, this kind of food is a snack, while for others it’s a meal substitute. It’s made of rice and eaten everywhere in our country. It may come on different shape, use different ingredient names. But still, the main ingredient is the same ric. The rice can be cooked in coconut milk or special spices to give it a special taste and aroma. in some places, lontong can have something inside it: vegetables, oncom, or meat.

4. Kue Mangkok
This colored sweet snack made of rice floour has a very distinctive shape. At a glance, it looks like a small bowl. Well, i think that’s how it got its name, mangkok means bowl.

5. Kue Apem
Some like this snack steamed, others like it baked. Some like it made of flour, others like it made of rice flour. But above all, they’re all scrumptious. you will need coconut milk and yeast to make this snack.


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