Signs In The Surf

Chat, send email, social networking is a “job” of our daily. Yup, now communication and socialization with other people is mostly done via online. That means, should still consider ethics when using the Internet.

Because of the importance of ethical issues in the Internet, Joseph A DeVito (A Professor of Communication) to make the formulation of beacon-rambun-called Netiquette. Inspired from there, GIRL formulate the key points that must be considered prior to using the Internet.
Do not use capital letters in the whole sentence, like “HOME SCHOOL meeting up.” Because it is tantamount to shouting, and other people could be offended. Avoid also the use of red font that depict anger.
For official mail, such as sending an assignment to a teacher, use more formal language. Do not forget to say hello at the beginning, thank you at the end of the email and include your name.
If you send email, write the subject. Let not impressed origin and to facilitate Si Recipients sort messages. Just imagine if when we often send-email delivery task some subjects to a friend without a subject. Sure, he’ll be confused when looking for a specific task subjects.
Do not send a segmented broadcast message to all your friends or to tag pictures to everyone on the friend list. Can make the recipient who does not related to the topics covered so disgusted.
The use of social media is not to gossip at length with friends. If you like it, better at message aja.
Before asking a particular site, read the menu FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), so we do not repeat questions that have been described previously.
Avoid the “war” on the internet with other people and never use harsh words.
Forward pornography or content that attack other people, including innocent in the eyes of the law, you know!
Be nice with newbies. If there is a new member in the forum specific sites or mailing lists that you follow, do not be intimidated. Naturally, if he has not been too disconnected or know the rules in the group. Instead, you can help him.


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