When the holiday certainly things that have been eagerly awaited by members of the family. At the time of family vacations can get together and can do things that can refresh our minds when going back to daily routine. However, sometimes a vacation can lead to frustration and disappointment if there is no preparation. To be able to enjoy the holidays with family there are a few tips that can be listened to.

• Tips for first Before you go on vacation should specify in advance where we are and the family will spend the holidays. Find also information about tourist attractions to visit, tourist attraction that was there and the air temperature. Discuss with other family members will go anywhere. If you want to spend the holiday with a stay, book a hotel or inn a few weeks before leaving. We too must seek out the places where the interesting tourist visit.

• Take into account how long we will stay in place. Bring enough clothes that so that we do not lack clothes and most importantly fit the situation. If we take a vacation in cold regions jake or sweater. Bring also items that will get rid of boredom when diperjalanan like: MP3 or readings that can be read. Do not forget to also bring a camera so that we can perpetuate our holiday.

• Take medicines that we can use in case of accidents such as betadine, cotton, bandages, etc..

• Bring enough money during the holidays, be it cash or ATM.

• Do not forget to also bring souvenirs from the sights we visit to friends, relatives.


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