Stands for Narcotics Drugs and drug or dangerous materials. In addition to drugs other terms used in the RI HEALTH DEPARTMENT is a drug which is an abbreviation dri Narcotics, Psychotropic, and addictive substances. Do you know the types of drugs in circulation? Maybe you only know a few types of drugs like marijuana and shabu-shabu. Drugs have different types namely:

1. Putauw
Another name of putauw is pe-te, this substance is a derivative of the fifth – the sixth of the heroin made ​​from opium named relations. Putauw divided into 2 types, namely types of Banana and kind Snow White-like powder.
Putauw Users can we know the cirri-character: in the early stages usually look less enthusiastic users, wistful eyes, pale, unable to concentrate, often feels itchy nose, nausea and often looks sleepy, skinny because of decreased appetite, emotions are very unstable and often angry and often dizziness or headache.

2. Shabu-shabu
This is the slang name of Methampetamine, shaped like sugar crystals. There are several types: Chystal, coconut, gold river.
The characteristics of users at the start of the use of users will look vibrant, but also tend to be paranoid (like suspicious), attractive (not silent), can not sleep because it tends to be always on the move, it’s hard to think properly.

3. Cannabis / marijuana
Cannabis, or who have other names Tetrahidrocana hidrol is the kind of plant that is dried by the effect of making the wearer becoming teller or fly.
The characteristics of cannabis users usually after using the eyes will look puffy or lower eyelids look swollen, red and watery, often seen staring, such as diminished hearing, difficulty thinking

Opium is a powder that comes directly from a plant called poppy or Papaver somniferum which in these powders contained an excellent morphine for pain relief and function for the drug codeine antitussives. Heroin can cause addiction for its users.


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