Just Friend

In high school I had a guy friend named Rangga, a first class when I was not so close to him just regular friends that I always nosy. But at the next grade 2 we so often meet and hang out (but not just the two of you know doing the same way but with others as well) and at that very moment I feel he is there something similar I. Why I could think like that? Because of her attitude of attention, often sms me, often MSN (the past), just the attitude he’s more than just friends! But I also do not want Geer wrote so I always say to myself “please do not be Geer really deh lu he might not like it at lo. He is kind and attention at all the people not only lo ama doang so do Geer “it is always in my mind.

I, he and Raisa never pull all three schools, that for the first time me and Raisa pull the school. The three of us do not have a destination when we finally pull out until the finish to make to Ancol aja, without much fuss again we capcus directly to the busway station and ride busway ancol majors. Can not imagine? at that time really feel lonely bus busway itself. Yaa how we are not quiet ride busway wrote 7 am and that it is not good mothers wonder Seeing the three of us so early in the morning ride busway at seven in the morning plus the use of gray and white uniforms. Gue tuh know what it dipikirin mother “was a schoolgirl at this hour ride busway ancol majors also what the school is not the boys?” maybe it is in the mind’s mother tuh, hahaha. I imagine it laughing yourself 

Finally we arrived at Ancol. time until we ancol direct photographs of the most photo does just the same I Raisa insects if he became a photographer, aka the picture the two of us. Oath I feel very happy time in Ancol, feel so little boy anymore. We’re not old at most only ancol until at 10 if not wrong remember, and hold us back tuh ride busway. Well, right here wart know if these insects have the same feeling I. So wart know it is because they fit in my grip busway ya know she is full time and I do not have peganggan wrote to insects, insects was also just diem aja pas me handle him but he was not so concerned about a similar fate at the same wart me. Until finally I pengangan wart, well away wart feel no sense at my insects. Risa story to me if the insects like it at me, I was just able to smile as she said “he probably did not like it at me, at least he’s just nganggep my friend.” Risa tried to convince me again “gosh, I’m sure he was really like same lo. Period lo I do not believe the same? “. Since the incident to Ancol children so often nosy me to him but still I do not comment what could only hear her smile.

Day by day I’m a guy who I like and jadianlah me with this guy. Since I have a girlfriend like insects away from me, just her attitude she’s already used to not like here we go!
I even tolerate it and I’m still the same attitude. It turned out that my relationship with my boyfriend because he’s not old or getting caught cheating could be called a boyfriend behind me!
I was really hurt a guy who I sincerely sayangin I even toying with things that do not surprise me today he continues to shoot the next day he shot another girl. Really I do not have thought when he looks pious and diligent worship. But I’m glad I’m not the type of girl that’s easy to cry because it played the same guy like that. While I was annoyed at that guy wants to be a friend insects where I can vent my meluapakan keselan semuan to me about the guy that i do not know shame. When she ngehibur me I feel no sense to him but on the other hand I’m also afraid we will reply later invented definitely going to stiff not like today.
Finally after all this time I shoot insects as well but then I do not immediately accept her answer was because I was up the same shot my friend, I ask for the same time he created helps to answer this question. I do not want anyone nyakitin so here I chose not finish for both.
but at the end I nyakitin insects also because my friend that I reject it shoot me again and I receive, I know how he hurt me really sorry. Honestly I had already refused lo lo because i think is like my own brother and my best friend, I am sad when I know you’ve remove from the friend list lo. Since the incident and he did not knick I see you’ve met even if not like they used to be.


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