After finishing my national exam entrance test for which is often referred SMUP UNPAD (Padjadjaran University Entrance Selection). I was with to two of my friends are mega and ayu backpacker-style travel to Jatinangor. We spent 3 days 2 nights there, on the first day of travel there quite good although we were quite surprise to see the hotel stay a little disappointing because our hotel is very creepy atmosphere could say it’s not like a hotel but like the lodge, or Mess. We think twice about staying there after lg to know how the situation there. His condition did not match what is in our minds that nice hotel although the price is cheap but quite the opposite, suasannya really creepy. We had to find – look for another hotel after we get there it turns out here looking for a hotel, all hotels full of empty rooms do not exist anymore. With forced us back to the hotel we had the previous message. We also stayed there for one day.

The next day, we followed our SMUP UNPAD got confused want to ride what? because UNPAD not possible to definitely walk away really tired because the entry. To have our friends named Yusuf took us to together to UNPAD.

Exams are very difficult and very confusing we can just let go and pray that we can be accepted. After the test is complete we plan to go to Ciampelas in Bandung area, but we do not know what bus or public transportation to get there. We also asked the people – the people around there and they gave tau to ride the bus Damri Dago-Ciampelas majors who pass the toll. For the bus was full so we did not even ride we ride public transportation which travels far, expensive cost, and breakdown of extraordinary. Which at the time on public transportation and my drunken friends – friends I had worried about my situation.
It turned out the way we were stuck in Dago and at that time already showed at 21.00 pm. We also desperate not know what to do!?
We decided to go back to Jakarta by visiting the Travel Agent who is around there. It turns out all the Travel Agent that we visit scheduled departure to Jakarta is full of all.

Hear it all we were very weak and panic is not playing, because it was late plus we were all disappointed. It was so mega crying because confused do not know where to go, and my face was pale because drunk vehicles. Among the three of us who can still only ayu clearheaded to call our friends who also happened again in Bandung and has a home in Bandung. Finally after waiting for 3 hours we picked up also in the area dago.

It was the first experience is very exciting but at the same time very interesting. Experiences like this has its own story and not going to be forgotten until whenever.


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